Hello a bio - about me

I am 37 years old my birthday is in October I am a libra.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite material is silk it feels Great on nipples.
My bra size is 36 KK that is a 57 inch bust one of my cups of my bra fits a mans head hehehe.
My favorite sexual position is Top so you can see all of my breasts hanging in your face, or Doggie so you can see my breasts swaying as you take me from behind.
I have had breasts since I was in 5th grade I graduated High School with a 36 H cup.
I LOVE having BIG BREASTS its fun to watch men say OMG heheh and some women too.
My favorite bra is the one I wear the most a 36kk by Jenique it supports all of me and that is A LOT OF BOOBS...
My nipples are about 1 inch long when they are hard and are very sensitive ( that's about the size of a sewing thimble ).
My favorite place to travel someday would be IRELAND and some places in Europe, Maybe Hong Kong.
Does my Back hurt because I have 36kk boobs ? Nope I have half Norwegian and half Swedish I am built for boobs.
My Kitty lets see if You don't know what I am referring to then sorry but its mostly shaved a bit of hair to keep her warm on top but lips smooth as a babies bum should be.
Ok that is enough about me I would love to hear a bit about you. comments@jj36kk.com